Founder & Lead Catalyst

Adele founded Whole Capacity as a passion project in 2013. Since then, many people from all walks of life have been inspired to thrive in change. With an emphasis on systemic approaches and leading from the core, her work aims to support change on multiple levels, through a web of change catalysts.

Author of Live Your Whole Capacity, Love with Passion and Perspective, and various children's books as part of Lovingspace, a series developed in support of international families experiencing massive change, Adele brings her lifetime's experience and training in human dynamics, leadership coaching, talent management and organisation development, to a variety to clients globally.

Adele holds an MSc in Information Management and Finance from Westminster University, a Certificate in Organisation Development from NTL, a Chartered Membership with the CIPD, and professional training and accreditation in Systemic Constellations and Coaching.



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