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  • Adele Lim

Free to Fall

Have you ever allowed yourself to truly 'fall' without any reservations but complete trust?

More often than not, we accept some calculated risks, both when it comes to matters of the heart and when it comes to practical matters. Our feelings offer a rich texture to the tapestry of our life experiences. In part, they are influenced by our thoughts, perspectives and paradigms.

When we learn and engage with a third entity, we gain access to and allow ourselves to receive the intelligence of observation from a place of wholeness that gifts to us, the wisdom of grace, such that our inner light can guide us on our way forward.

The more open we are to be a conscious and willing participant of our own lives, the more immersive and rewarding it will be. And when we have a guide walking beside us, we can consciously fall more freely than we have ever been before.

If you are looking for a guide as you make your choices and decide on your practical next steps for your work or relationship, and are ready to give it your all to designing and living your next chapter in life, Contact Us today.

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